Clock Tower


The Clock Tower is a rock-solid gastropub and charming local watering hole on Golf Course Road. This distinctive community destination is an inviting spot to grab a scotch or sparkling ale while digging into most authentic comfort food you can source in the city. Specializing in forward-thinking craft brewing techniques, adventurous mixology and cuisine, The Clock Tower strives to keep glass-clinking camaraderie alive and well in the neighborhood. A vibrant network of brewers, craftsmen, chefs, travelers and global experiences mold our culture of fine beers and fresh food, all of which is raised from scratch with great attention to detail, ingredient selection and process. Our venue is infused with elegant post-colonial influences drawn from the British Raj era, made evident in the heavy pine woodwork, large English style doors and windows, 24 foot high ceiling and overall palette.

Grab A Beer!

We will have a fantastic selection of six beers on tap round the year. There will be two annual beers which will form the pillar of the brewing, two quaterly/seasonal beers and two signature beers on rotation every few weeks. Our customers will be treated to honest, traditional brewing techniques and exposed to authentic flavours of high standards. Our cocktails selection will contain fresh fruit and a variety of creative infusions that will not fail in delighting the senses. We strongly believe in the importance of quality ingredients, superior mixology skills and customization of our drink selection.

British Summer Ale

A perfect summer ale – crisp, dry, refreshing, but sturdy enough to satisfy with a citric hop aroma leaping from a white meringue head.

Belgian Wit

An authentic Belgian wheat beer made to the same specifications as done by Pierre Celis’ brewery in the village of Hoegaarden. A tasty, light and elegant wheat ale.

Trappist-style Tripel

A beer brewed in honour of the Benedictine monks who invented the style so long ago at Westmalle monastery. Brewed with a specially made in-house syrup, the beer is light, warming and deliciously interesting.

Northern English Brown

From the northern reaches of England, comes this brown curiosity of an ale. Flavours that are to be expected include nutty, biscuity and toffee-like characteristics that pop out from a bready base malt.

Oktoberfest Marzen

The original “festbier” of Germany first brewed in 1840 by Gabriel Sedlmayr. It’s a soft, complex and rich malt-forward lager that can easily be consumed by the liter.

Oktoberfest Helles

The modern day “festbier” of Germany. Like a cousin to the well-known Czech Pilsner, the Helles has much more malt character, but is clean and infinitely drinkable, as it focuses on malt flavour as opposed to malt sweetness.

Our Pillars

Our company has always been dedicated to brewing excellent beers. That is why in our brewery we have gathered only professional brewers and chefs.